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Paul Daigle

Paul is a full-time real estate investor, senior consultant and renovation coach, with a background as a sales and business management professional. Paul is also a professional engineer, with certification in Ontario, and is fluent in both English and French.

As a senior consultant and renovation coach for Eastern Ontario, Paul assists homeowners and investors in converting single family homes to contain legal secondary suites. In 2019 Paul became a certified Legacy Real Estate Investment Advisor (LREIA) through the LEGACY Council of Canada.

The key real estate investment strategies that Paul uses are:

  • Buy, fix and hold
  • Rent to own (lease options)
  • Creating secondary dwelling units (legal basement suites)
  • Creating real estate joint ventures
  • Using registered funds to invest in mortgages

Paul’s primary real estate investment focus is to create exceptional income properties, including secondary suites, for his portfolio and for his joint venture partners’ portfolios. Along with his wife Celine, Paul is an active member of the Ottawa Real Estate Investment Organization (OREIO) and the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Together, Paul and Celine were awarded the REIN (Ottawa) Renovator of the Year Award in 2018.

Paul has a passion for people and delights in helping others become whole and complete in all aspects of their financial life. Paul’s keen ability to listen, along with his strong analytical skills and personal journey within real estate investing, will help you uncover your clear intention and ultimately change your life by closing the gap between today’s reality and your desired outcome.

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What Could Go Wrong

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